On 24 April 2017, Kobus van Rooyen will start his journey from Cape town, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt. He and his team, all together only seven people, will be hiking all the way. They will make use of only public transport, their feet and their endurance.

The reason

To raise awareness for Africans living with disabilities. They indent to film the entire journey and compile a documentary film.

The Motivation

We take things for granted. Simple things like taking the bus and driving to work. Some may go through life never giving a thought to the hardships faced by those living with a body less capable than our own. Apart from the physical challenge, these Africans face exclusion from legislature and limited access to medical assistance. They rely on family and charity to get through life.

The Goal

The team will film and compile a documentary. Kobus’ journey will take them through some of the darkest parts of Africa, where he hopes to document not only the struggles, but also the selflessness those who dedicate their lives to helping disabled people. Through this he hopes to raise awareness for organization assisting in these countries. Through awareness he hopes to encourage donations.